Ball Valve Chanal Brand PVC and CPVC Size 3/4 Inch Model A

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Ball Valve NIBCO Material PVC and CPVC, Model A, Size 3/4  Inch, 3-Way, 3-Position (Multiport), Are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free, and will not rust,or corrode,For applications where flow direction and on-off control are needed.and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

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Product description

Ball Valve Material PVC and CPVC from EL Mahill trading co.

  • Rated at 150 psi with non-shock water service at 73°F.
  • For applications where a quarter-turn will achieve diversion of flow, but shut-off control is not required.
  • Flow may be diverted from the branch center-inlet to one side run-outlet (at the 0° stop position), and then to the opposite side run-outlet (at the 90° stop position).
  • Flow may be diverted from either of the side run-inlet ports to the branch center-inlet port.
  • The internal porting of the diverter makes no provision for shut-off. Therefore, the valve can be used for proportional mixing at all intermediate positions between the 90° stops.
  • (ADJ) externally molded onto the body to indicate the seat carrier end of the valve. Adjustment of this union nut can compensate for wear of PTFE seats, with no production loss to remove valve for internal adjustment.
  • Valves are manufactured and assembled without exposure to silicone compounds. Silicone-free lubricant is used to assemble all ball valves.
  • Full port design produces minimum flow restriction with the lowest possible pressure drop for 90° porting.