About Us

YouMats is the largest online building materials platform in Saudi Arabia; the platform was established in 2018 as a guide and reference for any engineering project. Today, YouMats is an existing commercial entity that sells building materials inside and outside Saudi Arabia. It is one of the branches of YouMats group that is active in more than one area, such as manufacturing, marketing, software, and logistics.

Why Us?

YouMats is the first online building materials site in the Kingdom, but what we constantly aspire to is continuity.

YouMats offers many items and sub-items of building materials (electricity, paints, wood, etc.)

YouMats gets daily visits, ongoing requests, and new customers daily. During the past 24 months, YouMats received more than 266 thousands visitors.

Our Objective 

YouMats aims to be an integral part of any supply in and out of the Kingdom by providing alternatives to building materials at competitive prices on its electronic platform. It also seeks to make the platform an engineering reference for various government agencies, private companies, educational institutions, research companies, and engineering consulting companies.

The expansion:
Continuous expansion of the addition of building materials inside and outside the Kingdom.

The huge inclusivity makes it a reference for various government and private entities.

It aims to maintain a solid base of agents and suppliers of different varieties.

Our Clients