Fire Resistant Paint Jotun Steelmaster 600WF for Steel Surfaces Up to 60 Minutes Gallon 20 Liters

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Fire Resistant paint SteelMaster 600WF water based primer, Fire Resistant for 60 minutes, Brand Jotun, Gallon 20 Liters, for Steel surfaces, protecting the structural steel for high performance and minimum environmental effects, and is also free from hazardous materials polluting the air, thus preserving the air

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Product description

SteelMaster 600WF, Fire Resistant paint, designed ffor waterborne passive fire protection for steel constructions.

  • Resistance Time : 60 minutes
  • Packing : Gallon 20 Liters
  • Surfaces used for painting : Steel surfaces
  • Application Tools : Airless Spray
  • Examples of use : Airports, Shopping centres, Sports stadia, High-rise buildings, and Multi-purpose development blocks