Fire Proofing Paint

Al jazeera POLYSTEEL White Glossy for Steel Surfaces Can 0.72 Liters

Polysteel Paint Glossy , brand Al jazeera, for steel surfaces for indoor and outdoor use, white color, shelf life is 12 months at 25° temperature, bottle volume is 0.72 liters, resists ultraviolet rays and yellowing.

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Product description

Polysteel Paint, Brand Al jazeera, with its inflating technology and flame prevention, is designed for high performance and minimal side effects.

  • Appearance : Glossy
  • Color : White 
  • Validity : 12 Months
  • Duration of dryness : Surface dryness 50 minutes 
  • Surfaces used for painting : steel surfaces 
  • Application Tools : Anaerobic Spray, Pneumatic Spray, Brush, Roller