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Decorative acrylic emulsion Paint, White, Semi Glossy, 18 Liters Gallon, Riyadh Paints

Decorative Acrylic Emulsion Paint, White semi-glossy , Gallon 18 liters , Riyadh Paints Brand. a decorative water-based paint, non-polluting, washable, nonsaponifiable, and non-yellowing paint.

Al riyadhpaints

Product description

Decorative Emulsion Acrylic Paint, Riyadh Paints Brand, ashable and nonsaponifiable paint based on hard acrylic copolymer, characterized by non-yellowing to prevent change in shade after ageing and ecofriendly, suitable for interior and exterior uses. In addition to cement and concrete this product is also suitable for wooden surfaces.

  • Packing: Gallon 18 liters 
  • Binder: Acrylic copolymer
  • Colors: White and other colors
  • Appearance: Semi-glossy
  • Drying times  (at 30°C) superficial dryness for half an hour - complete dryness for 4 hours
  • Painting method : Air spray, brush and roller
  • Theor.coverage at 30 microns DFT: 11.6 m²/liter