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Decorative Paint, White, Glossy, 3.6 Liters Gallon, Rose Paints

Rose Mira Paint, 3.6 liter gallon, Brand Rose Paints, A superior quality water based design paint which provides wonderful effects for interior decoration on walls.It is constituted with various components to provide attractive colors on the walls with glittering effects.

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Product description

Rose Mira Paint, Rose paints brand, specially designed for interior decoration and readily used on walls, plasters, concretes,gypsum boards, plywoods etc. It is highly recommended for producing excellent sparkling effects on the interior walls of Palaces, Museums, Villas, Mosques, Restaurants, Art Gallaries etc., it is washable.

  • Packing: 3.6 liter gallons
  • Color: white or as required
  • Finish: glossy
  • Drying (at 40°C): superficial dryness 30 minutes - complete dryness 2 hours
  • Coating method: airless / airless spraying, roller / brush
  • Theoretical coverage: 14-15 lt. (depends upon the substrate condition & method of application)