CPVC Coupling

MALE ADAPTER (SLIP X MPT) WITH BRASS INSERT CPVC schedule 80 Chanal height 95.00 Size 3 inch Color Light Gray

available now, Chanal Male Adapter (SLIP x MPT )with brass Insert CPVC Pipe Schedule 80 ,size 3 inch, height 95.00 mm,light Gray color, Chanal products are light in weight, easy to maintain and install, and are non-flammable, as they are characterized by their resistance to corrosion resulting from acids and alkalis, and do not contain toxic substances and do not interact with any liquid that causes sediment.Shipping is available.

Product description

Chanal Male Adapter with Brass Insert CPVC Schedule 80 Pipe Fittings according to ASTM D-2467

  • Size: 3 inch
  • (M): 105.00 mm
  • (C): 48.50 mm
  • (H): 95.00 mm