Butterfly Valve NIBCO PVC Model C Size 4 Inch

Butterfly Valve NIBCO Material PVC , Model C, Size 4 Inch. Are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free, and will not rust,or corrode, and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

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Product description


  • Rated at 150 psi with non-shock service at 73°F
  • Available currently as a one-piece molded PVC body with EPDM trim the Model C Butterfly Valve is intended for general water applications and has also been successfully used to handle mild acidic solutions and medium concentrations of alkaline solutions
  • Bolt hole pattern compatible with Class 150 ASME B16.5; BS 1560 class 150;
  • DN 200 ISO 2084 PN 10; and DN 200 DIN 2532 PN 10
  • Glass-filled PTFE bearing-bushings, extending almost the entire lengths of the upper and lower stems, transfer the hydraulic side load on the disk and evenly distributes it to the valve body to ensure low bearing stress with long, trouble-free operation.
  • Rigid brass disk is encapsulated with EPDM, which is compressed to create the sealing mechanism for this butterfly valve.
  • Built-in O-ring face-seals require no gaskets between mating flanges.
  • A hole in the lever handle provides a blockage point for trigger lock operation, thus, locking the valve in the off position or any of the 9 increments of opening (10° each).
  • This valve should not be used in aquatic center recirculation lines or water lines receiving chlorine gas or bleach injection
  • Black graphite and fluorocarbon lubricant is used to assemble Model C butterfly valves.