Ball Valve NIBCO PVC and CPVC Model C Size 3 Inch

Ball Valve NIBCO Material PVC and CPVC, Model C, Size 3 Inch. Are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance-free, and will not rust,or corrode, and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

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Product description


  • Rated at 150 psi with non-shock water service at 73°F.
  • Designed with an energizer O-ring beneath the PTFE seat, Model D and C valves automatically adjust for seat wear.
  • Full-port design produces minimum flow restriction with the lowest possible pressure-drop. 6" ball valve is reduced port.
  • Valves are manufactured and assembled without exposure to silicone compounds. Silicone-free lubricant is used to assemble all ball valves.