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Decorative super putty for walls Paint, Off White, Matt, 200 Liters Barrel, Riyadh Paints


Decorative Super Putty For Walls, Matt off white , barrel 200 liters , Riyadh Paints Brand, a decorative water-based paint, plastic putty with good filler properties for repairing surface defects and restoring grouts and surface cracks

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Decorative Super Putty For Walls, Matt off white,  Riyadh Paints Brand, plastic putty with good filling properties, suitable for interior use on cement concrete structures for rectifying surfaces defects, repairing mechanically damaged areas. The minor cracks, voids and surface roughness can be eliminates with high quality filling properties.

  • Packing: barrel 200 liters
  • Binder : Acrylic copolymer
  • Colors : matt
  • Appearance: Off white
  • Drying times at 30°C: : Dust dry 1 hour -Hard dry 2 hours
  • Coating method : Spatula or Trowel
  • Rate of coverage at 100 microns DFT: 3.4 kg/m²(100 microns average)