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Decorative enamel Paint, White, High Gloss, 14 Liters Gallon, Riyadh Paints

Decorative Enamel paint, high glossy, 14 liter gallon, white color, Riyadh Paints Brand. a decorative solvent based paint. Excellent gloss and colour retention, good intercoat adhesion 

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Product description

Decorative Enamel paint, Riyadh Paints brand, resulting from a modification in the chemical composition of the binder in this product as well as the use of pigments that are resistant to the influence of cosmic ultraviolet rays, it is characterized by high gloss and color stability, good adhesion to previous paint layers, in addition to the integrity and strength of the paint surface after a long period of exposure to weather conditions.

  • Packing : 14 liter gallon
  • Binder : modified alkyd resin
  • Color : white and other colors
  • Appearance : high gloss
  • Drying times (at 30° C) : superficial dryness 2 hours-complete dryness 6 hours
  • Application method : air spraying or brush and roll coating
  • Rate of Coverage : 15.3 m² / liter