Automatic Roll Garage Doors Al Arabia Width 4.37 Meter Height 3 Meter Color Gray

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Automatic Roll Garage Doors Al Arabia, Width 4.37 meters, Hight 3 meters, Color Gray, the sliding door is made of aluzinc coated with polyester. It is installed in accordance with the necessary needs and requirements. It is suitable for use as doors for villas, shops, or exhibitions, with the possibility of installing it with and without a machine.

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Product description

Automatic Roll Garage Doors Al Arabia, It is characterized by high flexibility, the zippered roller door is made of aluzinc covered with polyester, the door paint is rust-resistant, and it is equipped with a rubber waterstrip that prevents dust, insects and mice from passing under the door. Installed with or without a machine as per request.

  • Height: 3 metres
  • Width: up to 4.37 meters
  • Motor: Australian model manufactured with advanced technology
  • Door movement: It is equipped with 2 stoppers to stop the door movement at a fixed height level
  • Roller movement: Supplied with (brocket / excel pipe / excel clamp) made of iron to stabilize the movement of the roller
  • Door Lock: Supplied (Center Lock / Retainer Lock / Locking Bar)
  • Safe lock feature: 2 remote controls are available for remote control
  • Drum: Made of resistant fiber that bears the weight of the door with the number of extra turns
  • Color: Gray