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Automatic American Garage Doors Al Arabia Width 480 CM Height 265 CM Color Ivory

Shop now Automatic American Garage Doors Brand Al Arabia, Width 480 cm, Hight 265 cm, Color Ivory, The automatic door is made of alloy covered with rust-resistant wallester, it is installed to suit the necessary needs and requirements, and is suitable for use as doors for villas, shops or showrooms with the possibility of installing it with a machine and without a machine.

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Product description

Automatic American Garage Doors Brand Al Arabia, It is characterized by high flexibility, the automatic door is made of aluzinc covered with polyester, the door color is rust-resistant, and it is equipped with a rubber waterstrip that prevents dust, insects and mice from passing under the door. With or without a machine, upon request.

  • Height: 265 cm
  • Width: 480 cm
  • Color: Ivory
  • Available shapes: Rectangle and square
  • Hinges: Hinges give the door flexibility during opening and closing.
  • Motor: Models (American Signature Master - Mexican origin) - (Somfy - French origin) that have proven their performance under different climatic conditions and operate on a chain
  • Safety: Side lenses to protect against collisions during entry and exit
  • Endurance: A pipe with a strong modulus that can bear the different weights of the door
  • Stop and turn control: Side wires made of stainless steel, rust-resistant and reinforced, with strong endurance to lift different door sizes. Two high-quality side rollers are used to wrap wires in an easy way.