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Bin Nassar Factories

Bin Nassar Factories

Member Since: 2018-Mar-15



Bin Nassar Factories

Bin Nassar factory is one of leading factories in the field of building materials industry in the southern region particularly Jazan region since 1985 due to the presence of complete fleet from the recent equipment’s including mixers, pumps, shaewl, trucks, winches and machines for making cement blocks. In addition to central mixers for blocks and concrete and chiller (cold water) etc.

So, our factories have enough experience for more than (30) years in cement industries.

1. Readymade concrete.

2. Cement block in different sizes.

3. Plain and colored cement tiles.

4. Kerbstone for pavements and flowers.

5. Cement brick. 6. Volcanic block in all sizes.

7. Insolation block in all sizes.

8. Block of two layers in all sizes.

These industries are characterized with international quality and standard sizes of concrete blocks in all sizes, tiles, borders and brick.

Factories has gained good reputation in different industries in addition to appreciation by clients according to their certificates on the international level of quality and quantity and good treatment they received.

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