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Yodock Airport Barricades

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Yodock Airport Barricades


Yodock Airport Barricades
Yodock® also offers many other airport barricades for various uses on airports. The Yodock® 2001, 2001M and 2001SL water-filled barricades have all played roles at airports depending on the location of the construction zone. Our Airport Barricades meet the Federal Aviation Administration's Circular 150/5370-2F specifications and performance standards for use in all airport movement areas such as closed runways or during construction. Yodock® Airport Barricades (APC) are highly-visible, frangible, low-profile channelization devices used to delineate work zones for construction and maintenance on airport runways and taxiways. Yodock airport barricades can be used to assist in the demarcation of airport runways and taxiways. The Yodock APC system can be interlocked end-to-end when installed as a demarcation device or channelizer. The units may be used empty or ballasted with water. Delineator posts, warning flags, and lights can be securely mounted to each unit.



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