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Solid Walls

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Solid Walls


Solid Walls

  • Up to 16mm diameter reinforcement in both faces of solid fully grouted connections at the end of the 200 thick precast walls provide the required 50db sound rating.
  • Walls can be used as shear walls within a multi-storey building if required.
  • Walls are designed as key elements within a multi-storey building .
  • Transfer or spanning walls can be made up to 12 m, thus reducing the requirement of large supporting beams.
  • All electrical socket outlets and conduits can be cast into both faces of the wall panel, conforming to BS standards and compatibility.
  • Fully grouted connections at the end of the 200 thick precast walls provide the required 50 db sound rating.
  • Steel RHS sections are cast into the solid walls to cater for the T24 vertical tie bars. ( Lapping of vertical ties within the RHS is not required as the cross sectional area of steel of the RHS is usually greater than that of the vertical dowel bars).
  • Additional reinforcement can be cast into the wall panels at the production stage to achieve cantilever wall sections.
  • Cast in items such as steel support angels, cono bar, or treaded sockets can easily be introduced during the manufacturing process, catering for on-site requirements.
  • All door and window sizes can be catered for within the wall panel, additional reinforcement is automatically used to prevent cracking around opes.
  • M16 sockets are pre-cast into panel face to take diagonal push pull props on site thus increasing erection sped and reducing damage to panel on site.
  • Steel wire loop (Philips loop), connectors at the ends of the solid wall panels provide a fully grouted rigid connection with increased shear capacity.
  • Solid wall manufacture is based on an automatic production system, therefore overall lengths and prescribed reinforcement is always exact.

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