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Najem Aba Hussain

Najem Aba Hussain

Member Since: 2018-Jun-17



Najem Aba Hussain

Since the inception of our establishment in 1978, our sole and only objective has been to bring delight to our valued customers. This has been realized at our commercial centre at Takhassusi Street where our headquarter, of space of sqm 2000, is situated.

To us and to our entire sales team delight means the ever-continued search for every novelty of extraordinary quality that works in with the desire of our customers. We also look for designs that meet top-notch customer tastes; making our sales arrive at unmatched hiking records kingdom-wide. This has entailed the opening of a new commercial center in the Western region of Saudi Arabia in 1989, of a space of sqm 2500, and another one in the Eastern province in 1996; of space of sqm 2600.

Out of our belief in the weight of our customers whom we view as true and inherent partners, we have been keen since the beginning to offer pre and after sale services and provide whatever spare parts these customers require.

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